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The wide range of products we are dealing in comprises of Pharma Ingredients, Finished Dosages, Indented Products, Herbals & Neutraceuticals, Natural & Synthetic Oils. We specialized in developing Private Brands for Overseas buyers.

We are recognized suppliers to Government Departments in various countries & participate in Tenders. We also organize emergency supplies to Various NGOs. We are representing in Iraq, Sudan, Ghana, Niger, Nigeria, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Algeria etc. We are members of FIEO, APEDA etc.

We endeavour to deliver products with 0% defects. One can count upon us for Quality Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Products.

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Management Team

Mr. Omar Zanrni

Abc Xyz
Director of Marketing

Abc Xyz
Director of Operations

Customer Service Representative

Vision & Mission


To be premier organization operating locally and Internationally that provides the complete range of raw materials & finishing products to all segment under one roof.


Our Mission to face and follow the latest development and to be an active part in our world.


Satisfaction and Pride.


Meet the needs and desires to reach the Luxury.


Attention to Public Health & Multi-sector.

Future Plan

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